Spring 2020 Meeting

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The Spring 2020 meeting of the Texas Regional SSAWW Study Group will take place on Saturday February 29, 2020 at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, hosted by Sarah Salter. The common reading will be Leonor Villegas de Magnón’s The Rebel, an autobiography originally written in Spanish in the 1920s but unpublished until Arte Publico’s editions in 1994/2004. Participants are invited to read the text in either of its editions; the English-language edition is available here: https://artepublicopress.com/product/the-rebel/

RSVP by February 1, 2020 by emailing Sarah Salter (sarah.salter@tamucc.edu), and please indicate whether you will stay for dinner.

Location: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The meeting will be on the 2nd floor of the Bell Library.

Getting to the campus (link to TAMU-CC map)

Parking: For information about the TAMU-CC parking system, Park Mobil go to: https://police.tamucc.edu/park/parkmobilefaq.html More information about parking will be available as the event gets closer. Please check back here.

Schedule of Events:

10:30-11:30am Special Collections Librarians will showcase some of TAMU-CC’s holdings in Mexican American history (2nd floor of Bell Library) (optional event)

12am-1pm Lunch (provided by TAMU-CC)

1-4:30pm Discussion (with breaks)

4:30-5pm Business Meeting

5:30 Dinner (location TBA; paid individually)

Getting to Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi is pretty much a straight shot from San Antonio if you are driving (rt. 37 to rt. 358) and there is Greyhound bus that can take you from San Antonio to downtown Corpus. The campus is located off Ennis Joslin on the Southwestern part of town. Ward Island is the name of the island (peninsula) that houses the “Island University.”

Lodging & Getting Around Corpus Christi: The Comfort Suites on Ennis Joslin is the closest hotel to campus (~3 miles). They don’t have a shuttle but there are two buses that run between near the hotel and the campus: these are bus 37 and the 93 “Flex Path” bus. The bus costs $.75. There also also ride-share-app options.

If folks are driving a car and would like to stay in a more Corpus-Christi-fantastic location, consider a hotel downtown: The Omni is the fancier choice and they have an airport shuttle; Emerald Beach Hotel is a little less expensive and also nice. Indeed, pretty much any place on the Corpus Christi Bay would offer a lovely chance to see the water and perhaps visit around the Marina. From those places, the campus on Ward Island is an easy drive down Ocean Drive.

Special Event: During the February meeting in Corpus Christi, TAMU-CC and Del Mar Community College will be hosting the South Texas People’s Poetry Fest (Feb. 27-29). This festival, now in its fifth year, collects writers of poetry from faculty, student, and professional communities across the region. Here is a little write-up of last year’s event: People’s Poetry Fest 2019

Here (downloadable pdf: PPF schedule w panel lists_2020 ) is the tentative schedule for the Poetry Fest 2020, which has a rich slate of panels and participants. The Texas A&M-Corpus Christi College of Liberal Arts, and the Department of English, are delighted with the poetry community we have helped to constitute at People’s Poetry Fest, and we hope that the chance to take in some poetry panels during your visit might be appealing!

A happy hour was held at the SSAWW 2018 Denver conference to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Texas Regional SSAWW Study Group, refreshments provided by TCU. Thanks to everyone who came — it was a wonderful opportunity to recognize our community of scholars.


Great conversations were had.


Chat and snacks.


Randi Tanglen leads the toasts.


Elissa Zellinger, Desiree Henderson, Claudia Stokes, Jenny Putzi, and Sabrina Starnaman — long-standing members, hosts, and featured editors.


Joycelyn Moody and Randi Tanglen.


The next generation of Study Group members.


Founding foremothers Desiree and Theresa — so grateful for this amazing community!

Previous Meetings

October 2019 at Texas Tech University, hosted by Elissa Zellinger. The common reading was Iola Leroy by Frances E. W. Harper, edited by Koritha Mitchell (Broadview, 2018), and Dr. Mitchell will be a special guest participant.

February 2019 at the University of North Texas, hosted by John Edward Martin. The common reading was Effie M. Moore’s Alone by the Sea: The Story of Jane Wilikinson Long, Mother of Texas (Naylor Co. 1951), recently digitized by the UNT Libraries and available here.

February 2018 at Southern Methodist University, hosted by Tim Cassedy. The common reading was Constance Fenimore Woolson’s Miss Grief and Other Stories, edited by Anne Boyd Rioux (Norton, 2016). Dr. Boyd Rioux was a special guest participant.

October 2017 at University of Texas Austin, hosted by Gretchen Murphy. The common reading was Rebecca Rush’s Kelroy, edited by Betsy Klimasmith (Broadview, 2016). Dr. Klimasmith was a special guest participant.

February 2017 at Austin College (Sherman, TX), hosted by Randi Tanglen. The common reading was A. Jennie Bartlett’s Elder Northfield’s Home: or, Sacrificed on the Mormon Altar, edited by Nicole Tonkovich (U Nebraska P, 2015). Dr. Tonkovich was a special guest participant via Skype.

October 2016 at Trinity University in San Antonio, hosted by Claudia Stokes. The common reading was Elizabeth Stuart Phelps: Selected Tales, Essays, and Poems, edited by Elizabeth Duquette and Cheryl Tevlin (U Nebraska, 2014). Dr. Duquette was a special guest participant.

April 2016 at University of Texas Dallas, hosted by Sabrina Starnaman. The common reading was Sisters of Tomorrow: The First Women of Science Fiction, edited by Lisa Yaszek and Patrick B. Sharp (Wesleyan UP). Dr. Yaszek was a special guest participant.

February 2015 at University of Houston-Downtown, hosted by DoVeanna Fulton. The common reading was Memoirs of Elleanor Eldridge (1838), edited by Joycelyn Moody (West Virginia UP 2014). Dr. Moody was a special guest participant.

October 2014 at University of Texas Arlington, hosted by Desiree Henderson.The common reading was Cherokee Sister: The Collected Writings of Catharine Brown, 1818-1823, edited by Theresa Strouth Gaul (Legacies of Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers, U Nebraska UP, 2014). Dr. Strouth Gaul was a special guest participant.

March 2014 at University of Texas San Antonio, hosted by Joycelyn Moody. The common reading was Jane Edna Hunter’s autobiography A Nickel and a Prayer (1940), edited by Rhondda Robinson Thomas. Dr. Andreá Williams was a special guest participant.

October 2013 at Weatherford College, hosted by Sarah Lock. The common reading was Laura Curtis Bullard’s Christine, or Women’s Trials and Triumphs (U Nebraska 2011). Denise M. Kohn, editor of the edition, was a special guest participant.

February 2013 at University of North Texas, hosted by Kelly Wisecup. The common reading was DoVeanna Fulton and Reginald Pitt’s Speaking Lives, Authoring Texts: Three African American Women’s Oral Slave Narratives (SUNY 2010). Special guest participants included DoVeanna Fulton and Daphne Brooks.

February 2012 at Texas State University San Marcos, hosted by Priscilla Leder. The common reading was Mary King’s Quincie Bolliver (1941).

September 2011 at the University of Texas at Dallas, hosted by Sabrina Starnaman. The common reading was Anzia Yezierska’s  Arrogant Begger (1927).

February 2011 at the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK, hosted by Laura Stevens. The common reading was Mercy Otis Warren: Selected Letters (U Georgia P) and one of the editors of the edition, Jeffrey Richards, was a special guest participant.

October 2010 at Austin College, hosted by Randi Tanglen. The topic was “Teaching American Indian Women Writers” and included selections from Kilcup’s Native American Women’s Writing, c. 1800-1924; Bross and Wyss’s Early Native Literacies in New England: A Documentary and Critical Anthology; among other readings.

February 2010 at University of Texas Austin, hosted by Gretchen Murphy. The common text was Leonora Sansay’s Secret History; or, The Horrors of St. Domingo and Laura (Broadview 2007); Michael Drexler, editor of the edition, was a special guest participant.

March 2009 at University of Texas Arlington, hosted by Desiree Henderson. The common text was Jesse Alemán and Shelley Streeby, eds., Empire and the Literature of Sensation: An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Popular Fiction (Rutgers, 2007), from which we read: The Female Warrior (1843) and Mary Denison’s The Prisoner of La Vintresse (1860). Jesse Alemán was a special guest participant.

November 2008 at Texas Christian University, hosted by Theresa Strouth Gaul. The common text was Elizabeth Stoddard’s Two Men (U Nebraska, 2008). Jennifer Putzi, editor of the edition, was a special guest participant.